Founded in late 2014 by Alison Smirnoff, Change Her Game aims to be a positive online movement to raise the profile of women in sport.


Change Her Game produces video profiles that celebrate and recognise the achievement of female athletes. Through these videos, Change Her Game's objective is to mobilise popular support for women's sport in Australia and to inspire and make it easier for the next generation of women.




Alison Smirnoff is a freelance video producer and digital media specialist with over twelve year’s experience working in professional sport. She is the force behind Change Her Game.


Alison has been a passionate sports fan for as long as she can remember. She recalls one of her most painful childhood memories was realising she would never get to play for the Carlton Football Club because she was a girl. “One of the things that motivated me to create Change Her Game is the fact that, even though I loved football as much as anyone, I didn’t have an opportunity to play”. But twenty years later she found herself working at Carlton as the club’s video producer and recognised that this was the next best thing to pulling on the guernsey. “Working at Carlton gave me an opportunity to marry two of my great loves – my love of football and my love of digital storytelling”.


However, working at the club also drew her attention to some of the harsher realities faced by women within the male-dominated sporting industry. With Change Her Game she wants to help build the profile of women in sport and make it easier for the next generation of young female athletes, coaches and sports industry professionals.


Alison is inspired by the passion and dedication shown by female athletes and believes that by bringing these stories to the mainstream, these women can inspire us all.