2015 AFL Women's Draft

I was lucky enough to attend the third annual AFL Women’s Draft this week and I’m filled with nothing but admiration for what these amazing women are achieving.

There is something quite inspirational about witnessing women who are pioneering a sport. Where the male version of draft night revolves around the best 18 year-old talent in the country; the women’s draft features footballers who are absolutely at the top of their game.

For a long time, Victoria has been the heartland of women’s football, but this year’s draft featured talent from right across the country. The first two selections of the night, Emma King and Danielle Goding, are from Western Australia and South Australia respectively. There was a strong WA flavour to this year's draft. However, there was also Heather Anderson, taken at pick 19, who hails from the ACT and there were a further four players drafted from Queensland. As with the men’s game, women’s AFL football is now a truly national code and growing at a rapid rate.

After successive wins to Melbourne in the first two exhibition matches, the AFL instituted an equalisation policy. As such, both Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs, were required to delist the majority of their playing lists and only retain six players each. As a result, some players have switched allegiances, while others were re-drafted by their original club.

Nevertheless, this year’s exhibition matches are certain to be tough contests. We can’t wait to see it! #ChangeHerGame

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