Samantha Crawford Finds Motivation Close to Home.

When Samantha Crawford first took up the sport of archery, she was a single mother. She had come to the realisation that she needed an outlet, something that was just for her, something outside the demanding cycle of work and parenting which she could use to challenge herself. She describes how she was immediately hooked as soon as she released that first arrow and she heard the thump as it found the target.

What started as a hobby, very quickly became an obsession and what’s more, Samantha discovered she was good at it. Her chosen archery discipline is Field Archery where she shoots bare bow recurve. For the uninitiated, this means her recurve bow is free of the weights and sights that you often see archers using at the Olympics. To get an idea of the kind of challenges Samantha likes to tackle; field archery involves shooting at targets in rough and undulating terrain from varying and unmarked distances.

Samantha’s original goal with the sport was to compete in an international event, which she achieved in 2012 at the world championships in France. There, she finished 17th in the world in her chosen event. Samantha’s next aim is finish higher at the next world championships which will be held in Dublin in 2016. Although her discipline is not an Olympic event, she describes the world championships as the Olympics for archers.

Success in the sport is obviously a clear motivation for Crawford, but her greatest motivation is a

little closer to home; “My kids motivate me a lot. I want to show them that you can have it all. You can have a family, you can have a husband… and you can still do well at other things. Life is not just about those things. If you want to do something, you can do it.”


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