WFDF commit to gender equality for World Games.

In July of this year, six countries will compete for the International World Games Association Flying Disc Championship at the IWGA World Games in Wroclaw, Poland. The Flying Disc Championship is a unique event in that the competition is mixed, with the seven-a-side teams usually fielding four men and three women.

In the past, team squads were capped at thirteen players. However, for the 2017 games, the World Flying Disc Federation have announced their commitment to gender equality by increasing the squad cap to 14. This means squads will now be made up of seven men and seven women.

(Cat Phillips representing Australia)

WFDF Ultimate Committee chair Brad Gisel added “WFDF has modified the eligibility rules for the World Games teams setting the gender ratio of the mixed squads to equal numbers of male and female competitors, underlining our commitment to present an event fully meeting gender equity.”

Australian Ultimate Frisbee star Cat Phillips - who will also be representing the Melbourne Football Club in the inaugural AFLW season - is proud that her sport is leading the way in gender equality.

"The World Games will be a unique opportunity for women and men to play elite sport together, on a totally equal playing field. I'm personally really excited about the prospect of this and about the message it sends to players, supporters and young people." Phillips said.

Australia, Canada, Colombia, Japan, the USA and host-nation Poland are the six nations that will participate in the 2017 Flying Disc Championship at the World Games. The World Games will run from July 20 to July 30.



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