U18s Championships opening weekend results

The opening weekend of the 2017 NAB AFL Women’s Under 18s Championships saw South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory go head-to-head in Adelaide.

The results were as follows:

Friday, May 12

South Australia 9.4 (58)


Tasmania 1.3 (9)

South Australia

Goal Kickers: C. Scheer 2, E. Boles 2, E. Jones 2, J. Tabb, B. Bosley, B. Walling

Best Players: E. Jones, B. Walling, N. Gore, C. Scheer, K. Rosenzweig, J. Allan


Goal Kickers: Z. Knight

Best Players: D. Bannister, C. Webb, M. Cuthbertson, L. Stevenson, A. Halaby, M. King

Watch the Replay - South Australia v Tasmania

Saturday, May 13

South Australia 15. 9 (99)


Northern Territory 1.3 (9)

South Australia

Goal Kickers: C. Scheer 4, B. Walling 4, E. Jones 2, J. Tabb, J. Allan, E. Boles, B. Maslen, M. Bennett

Best Players: J. Allan, E. Jones, M. Bennett, J. Smith, T. Mackrill, B. Walling

Northern Territory

Goal Kickers: J. Brock

Best Players: M. Gault, C. Boyd, A. Moreen, J. Baird, M. Breed

Watch the Replay - South Australia v Northern Territory

Sunday, May 14

Tasmania 6.5 (41)


Northern Territory 4.5 (29)


Goal Kickers: C. Webb 2, C. Haines, K. Morey, G. Hill, D. Bannister

Best Players: L. Stevenson, C. Webb, C. Haines, Z. Knight, A. Halaby, J. Farrow

Northern Territory

Goal Kickers: TBA

Best Players: TBA

Watch the Replay - Tasmania v Northern Territory

Read more about the 2017 Championships format

The Round One action continues in Sydney this weekend between NSW/ACT, Queensland and Western Australia.


Friday, May 19

NSW/ACT v Queensland

6:30pm, Blacktown International Sportspark

Saturday, May 20

Western Australia v NSW/ACT

2:30pm, Blacktown International Sportspark

Sunday, May 21

Queensland v Western Australia

11am, Blacktown International Sportspark

All matches will be streamed live via the AFL Women’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCui2LJ0N-Zi7Uw_sHyE5kgQ


(PHOTO: AFL Photos)


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