U18s Championships - Week 2 Results

The 2017 NAB AFL Women’s Under 18s Championships rolled into Sydney on the weekend, with NSW/ACT, Queensland and Western Australia doing battle.

The results were as follows:

Friday, May 19

Queensland 3. 6. (24)


NSW/ACT 3. 3. (21)


Goal Kickers: T. Dunne, Z. Farquharson, J. Yorston

Best Players: G. Collingwood, L. Bella, R. Blair, J. Yorston, K. Farrar, A. Clarke


Goal Kickers: B. Quinlivan 2, Z. Allen

Best Players: H. Zreika, A. Parker, E. Hurley, B. Quinlivan, A. Priftis, E. Dalgarno-Fixter

Watch the Replay - Queensland v NSW/ACT

Saturday, May 20

Western Australia 15. 9. (99)


NSW/ACT 2. 0. (12)

Western Australia

Goal Kickers: K. Bartlett 7, S. Deegan 2, S. Duffy 2, M. Bowen 2, M. Yarran, M. Karadada

Best Players: C. Hodder, S. Deegan, S. Duffy, M. Bowen, K. Bartlett, S. Garstone


Goal Kickers: J. Jolliffe, L. Doyle

Best Players: J. Jolliffe, A. Parker, H. Zreika, B. Tarrant, N. McKay, N. Steel

Watch the Replay - Western Australia v NSW/ACT

Sunday, May 21

Queensland 6. 8. (44)


Western Australia 5. 4. (34)


Goal Kickers: K. Howarth 3, T. Hickie 2, G. Brehmer

Best Players: G. Brehmer, L. Bella, J. Abbott, K. Howarth, K. Farrar, T. Hickie

Western Australia

Goal Kickers: M. Yarran 2, M. Smith-Bin Omar, K. Bartlett, S. Deegan

Best Players: M. Dowrick, S. Deegan, C. Hodder, S. Duffy, M. Bowen, S. Garstone

Watch the Replay - Queensland v Western Australia

Read more about the 2017 Championships format

Round one of the Championships concludes on Saturday, June 17 with Vic Country taking on Vic Metro.


Saturday, June 17

Vic Country v Vic Metro

2:30pm, Simonds Stadium, Geelong

All matches will be streamed live via the AFL Women’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCui2LJ0N-Zi7Uw_sHyE5kgQ



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