Round Two U18 Championships - Day Three Results

The 2017 NAB AFL Women's Under 18 Championships concluded on Friday with Vic Country and the Allies remaining undefeated in round two of the tournament.

The results on the final day of competition were as follows:

Friday, July 14

Vic Metro: 6. 8. (44)


NSW/ACT: 5. 7. (37)

Vic Metro

Goal Kickers: M. Prespakis 2, E. Cornish, C. Wilson, G. Ricardo, E. Woods

Best Players: M. Prespakis, O. Flanagan, H. McLaren, G. Macpherson, G. Newton, S. Dargan


Goal Kickers: J. Jolliffe 2, B. Miller Hill 2, R. Friend

Best Players: A. Hamilton, A. Parker, G. Breward, J. Jolliffe, P. Nash, B. Miller Hill

Watch the Replay - Vic Metro v NSW/ACT

Vic Country: 8. 8. (56)


Western Australia: 5. 4. (34)

Vic Country

Goal Kickers: E. Zanker 3, T. Hanks, M. Brown, N. Morrison, B. Struylaart, B. Kennedy

Best Players: G. Gee, E. Zanker , T. Hanks, O. Purcell, S. Van De Heuvel

Western Australia

Goal Kickers: K. Bartlett 3, R. Roux, A. Muir

Best Players: M. Dowrick, C. Hodder, T. Mcauliffe, S. Deegan, M. Ugle, M. Bowen

Watch the Replay - Vic Country v Western Australia

Allies: 5. 3. (33)


Queensland: 3. 8. (26)


Goal Kickers: J. Tabb, D. Ponter, D. Bannister, C. Boyd, J. Baird

Best Players: D. Bannister, J. Allan, J. Baird, J. Tabb, C. Boyd, D. Ponter


Goal Kickers: J. Henning, T. White, S. Conway

Best Players: R. Blair, J. Yorston, D. Heslop, Z. Wood, T. Ahwang, T. White

Watch the Replay - Allies v Queensland


*Photos courtesy of AFL Photos


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