Chloe Molloy - 2017 #AFLWDraft

Chloe Molloy

For a footballer and lifelong football fan, being drafted by the club you grew up supporting is a dream that very few get to realise.

In today’s AFLW Draft, the dream scenario happened for Chloe Molloy, when her beloved Pies picked her at Number 3.

"It was really emotional because it was a club that I’ve supported all through my childhood – ‘Chloe Molloy’ was next to a Collingwood logo, I honestly can’t explain how that feels. I can’t articulate it, I’m so overwhelmed."

Touted by experts to be high chance to go Number 1, the first few minutes of the draft was an incredibly nerve-wracking experience for Molloy.

"The first big tick of my heart was when Issy (Isabel Huntington) had her name called out for the Western Bulldogs - and hats off to her, massive congratulations, she was very deserving (to go at 1), but my heart, it just went faster. My palms got sweaty, there was so much speculation and rumours that Issy or I were going to go at Number 1.

So when Issy went 1, I was just thinking, ‘Maybe I’m next?’ and then you kind of be the Devil’s advocate to yourself and you think, ‘Nah, it won’t be me, it won’t be me.

But then when my name got called out, I had to hold back the tears."

Molloy now has the chance to do something few footballers get to do, don the guernsey they once wore in the stands as a fan on the field as an elite athlete.

Molloy is also the niece of former Collingwood player Jarrod Molloy so it seems the fairy tale of keeping her football passion in the Collingwood family has a happy ending before it has even really begun, however she is focussed on Season 2018 and learning from some of her mentors from her VFLW Club.

"I’m really looking to playing alongside Steph Chiocci, I’ve been with her through Diamond Creek, she’s a great leader and I just really like the way she’s goes about her football. I’m looking forward to playing with Jasmine Garner and all my Diamond Creek girls."

Being a passionate fan, Molloy also has had the chance to follow Collingwood’s inaugural AFLW Season in 2017 closely which gives her a great insight to take into Season 2018.

"They obviously lost the first few games but I have to commend them on their lift after that. They gave Adelaide a massive run for their money in that last game and they managed to achieve the highest score overall in the league, so I think it’s amazing that Wayne (Siekman), Steph (Chiocci) and even the girls individually we able to pick themselves up and out of that rut, as it was such a short season, and then finish off really strongly."

Sensing unity and drive amongst the group she’ll now be a part of as they work towards Season 2018, Molloy is excited to compete with them.

"They’ve shown how they can play and what they can do and I think that’s a really good start coming into the new season, knowing that they can compete against a premiership team. I have no doubt that next year our focus will be on winning a premiership with the team that we have."


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