AFLW2 - Round Two Snapshot

Amanda Farrugia leads the GWS Giants down the race
GWS Giants v Carlton

Friday, February 9

Drummoyne Oval, 7.05pm AEDT



B: M.Boyd 25, T.Hetherington 9, P.Randall 21 HB: N.Barr 8, E.Brush 10, R.Forth 27 C: A.Eva 2 HF: J.Dal Pos 7, P.McWilliams 3, A.Farrugia 18 F: J.Barclay 34, C.Staunton 13, R.Beeson 6 Foll: E.McKinnon 23, C.Gum 26, E.Swanson 17 I/C: E.Bennetts 22, R.Tomkins 1, P.Monahan 28, A.Schmidt 11, B.Tully 16

Emg: M.Freckelton 20 R.Privitelli 19

In: E.Swanson, R.Tomkins, P.Monahan, A.Schmidt Out: L.Stephenson, R.Privitelli, J.Hicks, M.Collier


B: R.Hicks 24, D.Hardiman 31, T.Lucas-Rodd 18 HB: G.Pound 6, A.Downie 30, B.Davey 1 C: S.Audley 26 HF: T.Harris 22, K.Harrington 9, N.Stevens 21 F: G.Gee 19, D.Vescio 3, S.Li 35 Foll: K.Shierlaw 25, S.Hosking 10, L.Brazzale 12 I/C: M.Gay 8, S.Last 7, B.Moody 16, J.Hosking 11, K.Loynes 2

Emg: K.Gillespie-Jones 5, N.Plane 32

In: R.Hicks, T.Lucas-Rodd, S.Last Out: K.Gillespie-Jones, L.Arnell, N.Plane


Carlton's Sarah Last makes her return to football after an ACL injury. GWS also welcome back midfielder Emma Swanson. It will be the first time that the Giants' marquee signings (Swanson and Renee Forth) take the field together.


GWS took it right up to the highly fancied Melbourne last week, falling short by just six points. Carlton held on for a narrow win against Collingwood in a dour struggle. GWS will be looking to win the midfield battle and cut off the supply to Carlton's firepower up forward.

In an interesting stat, GWS have never lost a game in Sydney and Carlton have never won away from their home ground Ikon Park.

Melbourne's Alyssa Mifsud celebrates a goal.

Melbourne v Adelaide

Saturday, February 10

Casey Fields, 5.05pm AEDT



B: M.Downie 2, L.Duryea 11, B.Jakobsson 7 HB: J.Grierson 19, K.Smith 13, E.O'Dea 5 C: M.Hickey 18 HF: S.Scott 12, K.Hore 10, C.Phillips 35 F: A.Newman 16, T.Cunningham 1, L.Mithen 14 Foll: E.Hoare 46, K.Paxman 4, D.Pearce 6 I/C: R.Cranston 30, E.Humphries 3, A.Guest 17, A.Mifsud 9, L.Pearce 15

Emg: B.Patterson 24, H.Cordner 21

In: A.Mifsud Out: M.Guerin


B: S.Thompson 14, S.Allan 39, D.Cox 31 HB: A.Foley 3, T.Radan 6, A.Holmes 1 C: E.Marinoff 10 HF: R.Lugg 45, J.Sedunary 17, D.Varnhagen 9 F: J.Hewett 20, S.Perkins 28, E.Jones 2 Foll: R.Metcalfe 11, G.Bevan 4, C.Randall 26 I/C: S.Riley 8, J.Allan 25, R.Wallace 15, J.Mules 23, J.McCormick 5

Emg: M.Rajcic 32, S.Armitstead 16

In: A.Holmes, J.McCormick Out: A.Hatchard (injured), S.Armitstead


Melbourne's leading goalkicker from last season, Alyssa Mifsud, has made her way back into the team and provides the Demons with another tall marking target up forward, alongside Tegan Cunningham.

Adelaide also welcome the return of goalkicker Abbey Holmes and talented cross-coder Jenna McCormick.


This fixture was one of the matches of the season last year with the result going right down to the wire. This time around though, Adelaide will be without Erin Phillips in the midfield and the experience of Courtney Cramey. However, Ebony Marinoff comes into this match off the back of a VFLW season working closely with Melbourne's midfield quartet of Pearce, O'Dea, Paxman and Hickey at the Darebin Falcons. Can her insider knowledge help give the Crows the edge?

Captain Kara Donnellan talks to her Fremantle teammates in the huddle.

Fremantle v Collingwood

Saturday, February 10

Optus Stadium, 4.10pm AWST



B: H.Miller 19, A.Williams 9, E.Gooch 8 HB: A.Sharp 1, C.Davidson 33, G.O'Sullivan 22 C: D.Hooker 17 HF: L.Webb 16, A.Lavell 7, E.Antonio 12 F: M.Caulfield 29, S.Barr 10, A.Atkins 37 Foll: A.Janz 30, S.Cain 20, K.Donnellan 15 I/C: B.Smith 18, G.Houghton 27, L.Mascall 14, J.White 11, L.Filocamo 4

Emg: T.Haynes 6, T.McAuliffe 25

In: L.Webb, G.Houghton Out: T.Haynes, B.Green (injured)


B: C.McIntosh 20, I.Ross 21, E.Grant 5 HB: C.Molloy 2, S.Livingstone 12, C.Edwards 1 C: B.Bonnici 8 HF: C.Bernardi 6, J.Duffin 27, S.Chiocci - C 17 F: L.Tesoriero 7, J.Garner 43, M.Kuys 9 Foll: E.King 60, J.Lambert 13, A.Barden 38 I/C: H.Whitford 28, E.Hynes 11, S.Casey 22, T.Morgan 26, B.White 33

Emg: R.Schleicher 18, K.Stratton 41

In: J.Duffin, L.Tesoriero, H.Whitford, T.Morgan Out: M.Hope, S.D'Arcy (suspension), R.Schleicher, S.Dargan

Fremantle captain Kara Donnellan thrives on the big stage and will no doubt lead by example on Saturday night.
A big inclusion for Collingwood is forward Jess Duffin. Duffin was very impressive in Collingwood's last match against the Dockers and they will be hoping she can hit the scoreboard again this week.
Both teams will be looking to bounce back strongly from their Round One defeats. They won't be short on motivation given they are expected to play in front of a record crowd of over 50,000 at Perth's brand new Optus Stadium.

Libby Birch gets a handball away from Kate McCarthy

Brisbane v Western Bulldogs

Sunday, February 11

South Pine Sports Complex 3.35pm AEST



B: N.Hildebrand 22, S.Campbell 20, N.Exon 15 HB: K.Ashmore 10, L.Kaslar 11, B.Koenen 3 C: E.Zielke 8 HF: K.Lutkins 13, T.Randall 16, K.McCarthy 9 F: J.Wuetschner 23, S.Frederick-Traub 14, B.Gibson 25 Foll: S.Webb 4, E.Bates 1, J.Stanton 17 I/C: A.Anderson 18, A.Clarke 21, G.Collingwood 28, S.Conway 12, J.Zanchetta 7, M Hunt 6, I.Ayre 2

In: N.Exon, I.Ayre Out:


B: L.Birch 18, L.Spark 11, N.Callinan 10 HB: H.Scott 22, B.Toogood 28, B.Lochland 1 C: E.Blackburn 2 HF: J.Bruton 35, K.Brennan 3, M.Conti 8 F: D.Berry 7, I.Huntington 9, N.Ferres 16 Foll: A.O'Connor 4, E.Kearney 5, K.Lamb 27 I/C: T.Ernst 19, A.Utri 23, A.Gogos 36, B.Hunt 21, H.Wildes 17

Emg: E. Mackie 25, K. Rennie 24

In: B.Hunt, H.Wildes Out: D.Bannister (knee), E. Mackie


This will be Lions supporter's first opportunity to see new recruits Nat Exon and Bella Ayre in action, both acquired during last year's trade period.

The Bulldogs have bolstered their defence with the inclusion of Hayley Wildes and Bailey Hunt.


This clash is shaping to be the match of the round, with both teams eyeing a two-win start to their season. Both sides are bursting with talent right across the park, so this might just come down to a battle of gamestyle. How will the Bulldogs kicking game stand up against the relentless pressure of Brisbane?


(Photos: AFL Photos)

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