AFLW2 - Round Four Snapshot

Emma Kearney and Darcy Vescio

Western Bulldogs v Carlton

Friday, February 23

VU Whitten Oval, 7.05pm AEDT



B: H.Wildes 17, L.Birch 18, N.Callinan 10 HB: H.Scott 22, B.Toogood 28, B.Lochland 1 C: E.Blackburn 2 HF: J.Bruton 35, L.Spark 11, M.Conti 8 F: K.McLeod 6, A.O'Connor 4, N.Ferres 16 Foll: T.Ernst 19, E.Kearney, 5, K.Lamb 27 I/C: A.Gogos 36, K.Rennie 24, B.Hunt 21, A.Utri 23, L.Bailey 13

Emerg: D.Berry 7, E.Mackie 25

In: K.McLeod, K.Rennie, L.Bailey Out: K.Brennan (ankle), J.Anderson, D.Berry


B: K.Gillespie-Jones 5, D.Hardiman 31, K.Harrington 9 HB: N.Plane 32 N.Stevens 21, C.Webb 17 C: M.Gay 8 HF: K.Shierlaw 25, B.Moody 16, K.Loynes 2 F: T.Lucas-Rodd 18, D.Vescio 3, G.Pound 6 Foll: A.Downie 30, S.Hosking 10, J.Hosking 11 I/C: R.Hicks 24, S.Li 35, L.Arnell 13, M.Keryk 4, S.Audley 26

Emerg: S.Last 7, B.Kennedy 23

In: N.Plane, C.Webb, L.Arnell, M.Keryk Out: L.Brazzale (shoulder), T.Harris (suspension), G.Gee (rested), K.Grieve

The Western Bulldogs' Kim Rennie will make her debut. The former basketballer was signed as a rookie last June and will bring some height to the Bulldogs' forward line.
Carlton have included experienced midfielder Maddy Keryk for her first game of the season.
Tonight's game will be the AFLW's first ever pride match and both teams will wear specially designed pride jumpers for the the game.
Both teams are also on two wins and one loss and are sitting third and fourth on ladder, separated only by percentage. The Western Bulldogs will be without injured skipper Katie Brennan and will look to their highly-rated midfield to hit the scoreboard to help cover her loss.
The Blues will be without Tayla Harris who accepted a one-match suspension for striking. We expect Carlton to be more efficient by foot this week in order to get the ball quickly into the hands of Darcy Vescio and Kate Shierlaw up forward.

Hayley Miller gets a kick away from Emily Bates

Brisbane v Fremantle

Saturday, February 24

South Pine Sports Complex, 3.35pm AEST


BRISBANE B: B.Koenen 3, K.Lutkins 13, J.Stanton 17 HB: N.Exon 15, L.Kaslar 11, S.Campbell 20 C: E.Bates 1 HF: K.McCarthy 9, T.Randall 16, E.Zielke 8 F: J.Wuetschner 23, I.Ayre 2, K.Ashmore 10 Foll: S.Frederick-Traub 14, J.Zanchetta 7, A.Anderson 18 I/C: N.Hildebrand 22, A.Clarke 21, S.Webb 4, G.Collingwood 28, B.Gibson 25 Emerg: M.Hunt 6, E.Pittman 29

In: G.Collingwood Out: S.Conway (injured)

FREMANTLE B: E.Antonio 12, A.Williams 9, E.Gooch 8 HB: B.Smith 18, C.Davidson 33, S.Cain 20 C: D.Hooker 17 HF: H.Miller 19, S.Barr 10, K.Donnellan 15 F: M.Caulfield 29, E.McGuire 31, A.Atkins 37 Foll: A.Janz 30, G.O'Sullivan 22, L.Webb 16 I/C: L.Mascall 14, A.Lavell 7, A.Sharp 1, J.White 11, L.Filocamo 4 Emerg: T.Haynes 6, T.McAuliffe 25

In: S.Barr Out: G.Houghton (omitted)

Brisbane and Fremantle are another two of the five teams currently poised on two wins and a loss.
A feature of both these teams is their even contributions across the board and their ability to both absorb and apply pressure. Whichever team can clear the congestion and win the uncontested ball count, may well come out on top.

Brooke Patterson and Lily Mithen tackle Moana Hope

Melbourne v Collingwood

Saturday, February 24

TIO Traeger Park, 5.40pm ACST



B: H.Cordner 21, L.Duryea 11, B.Jakobsson 7 HB: K.Smith 13, J.Grierson 19, A.Guest 17 C: E.O'Dea 5 HF: R.Cranston 30, L.Mithen 14, S.Scott 12 F: K.Hore 10, T.Cunningham 1, A.Newman 16 Foll: E.Hoare 46, K.Paxman 4, D.Pearce 6 I/C: M.Hickey 18, B.Patterson 24, A.Mifsud 9, M.Downie 2, C.Phillips 35

Emerg: A.Teague 40, E.Humphries 3

In: H.Cordner, A.Mifsud Out: E.Humphries, L.Pearce


B: E.Grant 5, R.Schleicher 18, I.Ross 21 HB: C.Molloy 2, C.McIntosh 20, M.Kuys 9 C: A.Barden 38 HF: S.D'Arcy 4, J.Garner 43, S.Chiocci 17 F: M.Hutchins 25, M.Hope 23, C.Bernardi 6 Foll: E.King 60, J.Lambert 13, B.Bonnici 8 I/C: H.Whitford 28, S.Dargan 46, L.Tesoriero 7, J.Duffin 27, C.Edwards 1

Emerg: K.Stratton 41, B.White 33

In: S.D'Arcy, H.Whitford, S.Dargan Out: T.Morgan, S.Casey (Suspension), B.White

Melbourne will be stinging from last week's loss to Fremantle, while Collingwood well and truly have their backs to the wall after a winless start to the season.
On paper, Melbourne appear to be the stronger of the two sides, however, last week's results show that the competition is wide open. There are no easy AFLW matches and this game will be no different.
This clash is also the first AFLW match to be played in Alice Springs, so expect the hot conditions to be a factor in the outcome of this match.

Chelsea Randall is tackled by Nicola Barr

GWS Giants v Adelaide

Sunday, February 25

Blacktown International Sportspark, 4.35pm AEDT


GWS GIANTS B: A.Farrugia 18, T.Hetherington 9, R.Forth 27 HB: N.Barr 8, P.Monahan 28, E.Brush 10 C: A.Eva 2 HF: J.Dal Pos 7, P.McWilliams 3 J.Hicks 5 F: J.Barclay 34, C.Staunton 13 R.Beeson 6 Foll: E.McKinnon 23, C.Gum 26 E.Swanson 17 I/C: M.Freckelton 20, M.Collier 14, P.Smyth 15, A.Schmidt 11, E.Bennetts 22, B.Tully 16, P.Randall 21 In: M.Freckelton, M.Collier, P.Smyth Out: L.Stephenson (Omitted)

ADELAIDE B: S.Thompson 14, S.Allan 39, M.Rajcic 32 HB: A.Foley 3, J.Hewett 20, C.Cramey 22 C: E.Phillips 13 HF: D.Varnhagen 9, S.Perkins 28, J.McCormick 5 F: R.Wallace 15, J.Allan 25, J.Sedunary 17 Foll: R.Metcalfe 11, C.Randall, 26, E.Marinoff 10 I/C: S.Armitstead 16, A.Holmes 1, E.Jones 2, J.Mules 23, R.Killian 7, A.Hatchard 33, G.Bevan 4 In: A.Foley, C.Cramey, S.Armitstead, A.Hatchard Out: D.Cox (suspension), R.Lugg (injured)

Adelaide premiership player, Courtney Cramey, will play her first match of 2018 after returning from a troublesome hamstring injury.
Courtney Gum is having a sensational season for the Giants, the South Australian was overlooked by Adelaide in the two previous drafts and will be looking to prove a point against the Crows on Sunday.
Adelaide sounded a warning to the rest of the competition with their impressive win over the Western Bulldogs last week. They have no doubt been spurred on by the return of Erin Phillips. However, don't discount the Giants. They are being well led in the midfield by Alicia Eva and Courtney Gum and forward Phoebe McWilliams is quite possibly in career-best form. This match is going to be a cracker!


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